France Prepares For Cryptocurrency, ICO Framework

On Monday, France’s finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, shared his enthusiasm for the country’s blockchain and cryptocurrency development efforts. He previously tasked Jean-Pierre Landau, an experienced civil servant (and noted bitcoin critic), with proposing an appropriate legal framework.

What Does the Dow Jones Toppling Mean for Cryptocurrencies?

What Does the Dow Jones Toppling Mean for Cryptocurrencies?There were heavy losses in US markets on Thursday after President Trump announced the implementation of significant new tariffs on China as early as next weeks. These tariffs will amount to approximately $50 billion on a yearly basis for Chinse exports. There is widespread fear that China will

Facebook’s Data Security Meltdown Could Bolster Blockchain: Analyst

Facebook’s Data Security Meltdown Could Bolster Blockchain: AnalystThe social media giant shouldn’t mistake the forest for the trees. While Facebook continues to reel from a security breach involving the personal data of tens of millions of users, they may just have demonstrated the value of an unalterable public ledger, aka blockchain. RBC Capital Markets analyst Mitch

Markets React to U.S. Interest Rate Hike – 22 March 2018

In its first policy meeting since the induction of new chief Jerome Powell, the U.S. Federal Reserve met analysts’ expectations on Wednesday by raising interest rates and predicting at least two more interest rate hikes before the end of the year.

Hong Kong SFC Apparently Halts Black Cell Initial Coin Offering

On Monday, Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission announced that Black Cell Technology Limited halted its initial coin offering to the Hong Kong public after regulatory action. Although Black Cell’s ICO terms and conditions now bar Hong Kong investors, its website and fundraising mechanism appear to remain functional.