Judge Dismisses Winklevoss Lawsuit Against Charlie Shrem

Judge Jed Rakoff of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed the Winklevoss case against Charlie Shrem in which the twins allege Shrem stole $26 million worth of cryptocurrency. The judge said a settlement was reached, though details of the settlement are confidential. Either party can reopen the case by

It’s Tax Day For Crypto, Too

Cryptocurrency tax expert and developer of the CryptoTrader.Tax software David Kemmerer breaks down what constitutes a taxable event when dealing with digital currency, how to file losses and gains connected to crypto trading, and how to make sure traders are using the correct tax forms.

China May Not Ban Crypto Mining After All

CoinDesk’s Wolfie Zhao breaks down what China’s National Development and Reform Commission’s classification of cryptocurrency mining as an undesirable industry really means – and why such a designation does not necessarily constitute a ban on bitcoin mining.

Chinese Planning Commission Seeks To Ban Crypto Mining

China’s National Development and Reform Commission is looking for public comments concerning a list of industries it wants to encourage, restrict, or eliminate. Among the activities the regulator wishes to phase out is the mining of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.