An Interview With Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier

Ledger’s new CEO, Pascal Gauthier, talks about his new role, the future of Ledger, how the success of Ledger and security are linked to the cryptocurrency market, and how the company plans to combat hack attacks.

White Paper Writer Speaks Out

A white paper writer talks about cryptocurrency and blockchain startup companies forcing writers to fabricate business models, make up false funding budgets, and blatantly plagiarize patented technology.

Interview With CFTC Chairman Christopher Giancarlo

Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman Christopher Giancarlo talks about how the CFTC is using its 80-year-old protocol to regulate new technology and the risks of a clearinghouse holding its own digital currency. He also alludes to some of the reasons that may be contributing to the delay in a Bakkt bitcoin futures exchange.

Judaism And Crypto Intersect

Rabbi Michael Caras, also known as the Bitcoin Rabbi, talks about the similarities between Judaism and crypto culture, writing a bitcoin children’s book, and the special Passover message he has for his Twitter “congregation.”

An Interview With Roger Ver

Roger Ver talks about why he thinks insider trading isn’t a crime, what he learned in prison, and how he deals with flack from the BTC community.

Interview With Blockchain Forefather W. Scott Stornetta

Blockchain forefather W. Scott Stornetta speaks about the process of developing blockchain technology, the emergence of cryptocurrency, how being a theoretical physicist has informed his blockchain-related research, and how to create more positivity in the crypto community.