Judaism And Crypto Intersect

Rabbi Michael Caras, also known as the Bitcoin Rabbi, talks about the similarities between Judaism and crypto culture, writing a bitcoin children’s book, and the special Passover message he has for his Twitter “congregation.”

An Interview With Roger Ver

Roger Ver talks about why he thinks insider trading isn’t a crime, what he learned in prison, and how he deals with flack from the BTC community.

Interview With Blockchain Forefather W. Scott Stornetta

Blockchain forefather W. Scott Stornetta speaks about the process of developing blockchain technology, the emergence of cryptocurrency, how being a theoretical physicist has informed his blockchain-related research, and how to create more positivity in the crypto community.

This Isn’t The Data Privacy Solution You’re Looking For

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s associate director of research, Gennie Gebhart, talks about the effect of government surveillance on marginalized communities, Facebook’s privacy problems, and why blockchain technology may not improve data privacy.

Building The Metaverse One Block At A Time

“Just like you probably wouldn’t live in a house without a concrete foundation, you probably wouldn’t want to participate in a metaverse that isn’t built with an open blockchain.”