Outlines Plans For Funding Voice Post-Launch

Though the launch of’s decentralized social media platform, Voice, has yet to be announced, the company is hard at work figuring out how it can profit from the inflation of the platform’s token and use those profits to fund Voice’s development.

Coinbase Suggests Slow And Steady Crypto Investment Strategy

To help mitigate losses in the volatile crypto market, Coinbase has suggested investors use a dollar cost averaging method, which smooths out drops and upticks in the market over time. In other words, the exchange wants people to apply a standard investing strategy to a not-so-standard asset.

First Republic Bank To Terminate Services With Blockchain Startup Civil

Civil, a startup attempting to use blockchain tech to bring transparency between journalists and readers, will lose its account with First Republic. While it’s unclear why the bank has decided to terminate services, Civil’s COO believes it’s because the startup is a “crypto-related company.”

European Crypto Firms Face Banking Struggles

Despite some banks touting dedicated crypto onboarding services, European cryptocurrency firms are struggling with an unfriendly banking sector and incredibly steep account fees.

Bitwise Says Fake Trading Volume Does Not Affect BTC Prices

Back in March, crypto investment manager Bitwise claimed its research showed 95 percent of all reported crypto trading volume on unregulated exchanges was fake. Now, in a newly published white paper, Bitwise researchers have shown that, despite the fake trading volume, regulated bitcoin futures and improved custody services help keep the cryptocurrency’s price true.