Elon Musk Shills Ethereum, Price Goes from Red to Green

Elon Musk Shills Ethereum, Price Goes from Red to GreenBy CCN: Elon Musk might have the SEC breathing down his neck about Tesla, but he’s having some fun with crypto Twitter. In a one-word tweet, he single-handily drew in the entire crypto community to his thread.  The Tesla CEO simply said “Ethereum.” After he let

Mueller Report Boss Rod Rosenstein Resigns in Veiled Nod to Trump

Mueller Report Boss Rod Rosenstein Resigns in Veiled Nod to TrumpBy CCN: Rod Rosenstein is the latest high ranking official to depart the White House. The man who oversaw the widely publicized Mueller Report is heading for the hills for fear of a grilling from both Democrats and Republicans. One of Trump’s favorite punching bags,

Jaguar To Reward Drivers Who Share Data

The automobile giant is working on using blockchain technology to develop smart wallets to reward drivers with IOTA tokens for sharing data concerning road and traffic conditions and participating in a ride-sharing program.

SEC Suspends Securities Trading For Little-Known Exchange

Earlier today, the US Securities and Exchange Commission announced it was suspending trading of securities for the small cryptocurrency exchange Bitcoin Generation. The regulator cited concerns over inadequate information about the company and anxieties over the company’s current financial situation.

The Revolution Will Be Put On The Blockchain

Reporter Rachel-Rose O’Leary talks about the way technology can be used to either ignite or suppress an uprising by common people and the role cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can play in a revolution.

The Future Of Banking On Ethereum

In light of the $112 million bond issued by Societe Generale, Michael J. Casey, senior advisor for blockchain research at MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative, discusses the future of permissionless blockchain platforms and security token offerings in the financial services industry.

Trading Workhy Miner Viewing Undiscovered Story 

Trading Workhy Miner Viewing Undiscovered Story  Let’s be candid, Free & Mining in video games might sound really cool. It’s like having found the goose when using the lucky the female eggs but could be that the situation here? We were allowed enjoy the Undiscovered Story  Work-shy Miner Private beta and i started gaming longer than a week. I appear