Bitcoin IRA, BitGo Offer Full Crypto Retirement Accounts

With Bitcoin IRA offering hybrid crypto and fiat individual retirement accounts (IRAs) since 2016, the digital asset IRA firm has partnered with BitGo to launch crypto IRAs, allowing individuals to diversify their holdings among 12 different digital assets.

Swiss National Bank Member A-OK With Facebook And Libra

Speaking at the Crypto Valley Conference in Zug, Switzerland, Thomas Moser, an alternate member of the governing board at the Swiss National Bank, said Facebook’s Libra project has yet to sound any alarms for the Swiss National Bank and that the country’s regulators are “pretty relaxed” about it.

Falling Third Quarter Profits Could Trigger Overdue Stock Market Crash

Falling Third Quarter Profits Could Trigger Overdue Stock Market CrashStock prices follow earnings growth. The stock market reflects earnings expectations. That’s why analysts are concerned that the Q3 earnings forecast for the S&P 500 is for a decline of 0.3 percent, according to Factset data cited in CNBC. Declining earnings imply declining stock prices. Earnings

Electric Coin Company Working On New Zcash Blockchain

With fewer than 2% of Zcash users taking advantage of the network’s privacy features, Electric Coin Company developers and the Zcash Foundation hope a new blockchain with private transactions enabled by default will change how people use the network and its native coin, ZEC.