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No Country For Pastoralists

No Country For PastoralistsAs India steps into the 69th year of establishing itself as a Republic, the nomadic Van Gujjars and many forest-dependent communities across the country continue to struggle for forest rights. Organised by some Van Gujjar leaders along with Van Panchayat Sangharsh Morcha and the All India Union of Forest People, this Jan… Read More »

Revisiting Muthamma in Her Little Hamlet Near Coimbatore

Revisiting Muthamma in Her Little Hamlet Near CoimbatoreA closer look shows how the lives of poor tribal people gets affected when they lose access to land and forests. Jaggi Vasudev of the Isha Foundation. Credit: Wikimedia Commons On January 9, I kept a second promise made to Muthamma and visited her small Adivasi hamlet near… Read More »